From Toni to Toni, a Son’s Prayer for his Father

A recent favor attributed to Toni Zweifel, a Swiss engineer who died with a reputation for holiness in 1989.

It was early December during the year of Covid. My father had entered the hospital with pneumonia not caused by that devastating virus. After spending the weekend in the hospital, on Monday we were told the diagnosis: pneumonia, and possibly tuberculosis, and also a growth on his lung, a cancer which by its size was inoperable and incurable.

My heart froze. On the web page of the Work I had read that Toni Zweifel’s beatification cause was being opened. My father is also named Toni, so I began praying his prayer card daily. Some days later the doctors told us they were worried about a possible case of tuberculosis, although the pneumonia was getting better with antibiotics, and the growth (the cancer) would receive treatment later in another center. Two weeks later he left the hospital cured of pneumonia and with no sign now of tuberculosis.

I kept on praying each day to Toni. We went to the local outpatient clinic, where they told us that the localization of the cancer was very difficult and that he would need special tests. So they gave us an appointment for those exams. They also asked my father if he would be willing to undergo an operation or chemotherapy, if necessary. Although he is over 80, he is still quite youthful and energetic. He replied yes.

Some weeks later, after trying to carry out the biopsy, they told us that the growth had disappeared. It might have been something caused by the pneumonia. But what does it matter? I had asked Toni to cure my father, and now he is well.

Thanks, Toni

C. G. (Spain)

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