A Worldwide Conversation on Affectivity and Sexuality

From 4-5 June 2022, an online conference will take place organized by the IFFD (International Federation for Family Development) with the title “Love Talks.”

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Leticia Rodríguez and Carmelo Añón, from the organizing committee, explain that the congress seeks to “transmit a scientific, positive and practical message to thousands of families on issues related to sexuality and human affectivity. The quality of love in a marriage and therefore happiness depends on a good understanding of these two dimensions.”

Forty experts will offer short presentations (15-20 minutes) in English or Spanish, with a translation from one language to the other. “The congress is planned as a journey through the ages and situations of the human person, from their education in childhood through the different stages of their personal and family history.”

Session titles include, for example: “Between Netflix, Instagram and TikTok: How to lead dialogues on sexuality with (pre)teens?,” “Romantic relationships among young people. Repairing emotional wounds,” “The phases of falling in love and finding the right partner,” “Infidelity: how to deal with it and the role of forgiveness,” “A few simple things that make a big difference in your intimate life,” “How to overcome pornography addiction,” “You are worth as much as you exhibit: the business of hypersexualization on social media,” “Loving each other when children start to arrive”, “Keys to affective relational health in the couple,” “Sex education at home: keys to prevent sexual abuse,” etc.

“Together with scientific rigor – Leticia Rodríguez says – priority will be given to practical experiences. We think that IFFD’s many years of work in questions of the family in 66 countries has produced inspiring ideas that can be of great benefit to many families.” And Carmelo adds: "This congress seeks to help reinforce this important dimension in ​​our lives: good management of one’s emotions and sexuality.”

The IFFD, organizer of this event, is an international NGO that promotes training, support and accompaniment activities for families from all over the world regardless of race, color, religion or origin. It provides services to many different institutions (family, work, religious, etc.), and for years now many efforts promoted by faithful and friends of the Prelature have relied on its experience and know-how to develop family orientation courses.