3 Novenas for St. Josemaria's Intercession

Besides the Novena for Work that has resulted in numerous favors, two other novenas are now available in English: the Novena for the Sick and the Novena for the Family.

The Novena for Work

The Novena for Work is addressed both to those who are trying to find a job and also to anyone who wants to learn how to work better out of love for God and find Christ in their work.

The Novena for the Sick

The Novena for the Sick, with many quotes from St. Josemaria's writings, helps one to accept suffering with a Christian spirit, uniting it to Christ's passion and death, and asks God for a cure if such be his will.

The Novena for the Family

The Novena for the Family seeks to help one grasp the greatness of Christian marriage and to sanctify family life, imitating the Holy Family.