The Father with young people in Strathmore School

There's a certain throbbing vibration of youth that St. Josemaria was always excited about and that he depended a lot on. That same throbbing vibration was palpable in the air when his third successor visited Strathmore School yesterday evening at 5 pm.

The choir sings to the Father at the end of the get-together

Monsignor Ocariz begun the get-together by reminding the standing-space crowd that was in attendance, that December 17th was indeed a joyful day, since it was the Pope's birthday and that we should all pray very much for him. And more than that, these days were also joyful because they lead up to Christmas, to the birth of a person: Jesus Christ.

With all the family-like excitement, time went very fast and the attendants only managed to get the Father to speak on three questions. Alaine, an ardent football player, queried on how to help his friends against the enslavement of social media. The Father advised that each person should have a very clear and objective goal for their lives, what one really wants, not what one feels. And "...the greatest goal we can have is to look for Christ, to fulfill his will and for that we need to form ourselves very well, knowing ourselves to be called by God.”

The Father answers a question

Andrew, a student in university, asked about the anxiety in discerning one's vocation. And the Father took the thread Andrew had mentioned in the run-up to his question: " go to Jesus... To go to the tabernacle." And not to fear or be anxious that our Lord will demand for something that is too difficult. "Rather what God wants will make me happy, which is what God wants is for everyone, to be happy. 'That my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.' (Jn 15:11)"

And for another university student who asked on the struggle in purity, the Father advised prayer "...especially to the Blessed Virgin Mary ...without getting discouraged especially because of our faults." He made the analogy that even physically when we fall to the ground we don't stay down. So too in spiritual life. And it is this sporting spirit coupled with a pragmatism that will help us in this struggle. He gave the example where if what poses a temptation is the mobile phone at night, then to leave it outside the room. "Ask advice from a friend, someone who has more experience, a priest, so that you can make that effort more effective." He then shared the advice that St. Josemaria would give of praying three Hail Mary's before going to bed every night and of beginning again in this struggle like a true sportsman.

A cross-section of the participants

Towards the end of the get-together a choir sung a delightful rendition of Sauti Sol's "Baba Yangu" - a song of thanks to one's father.

And with that, it was already time to finish! The Father then reminded all gathered to pray for the Holy Father and then gave his fatherly blessing.