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Pray for the Pope and the Church

The Father had a pretty intense schedule these last eight days. He spent most of his time with his children, their families and their friends who receive means of formation in centres of Opus Dei.

From the Prelate

Feliz Navidad

Christmas carol sang to the Father in Strathmore School after the get-together for young people there on 17th December 2019


The Father arrives in Uganda

Opus Dei began in Uganda in 1996. In 2006 Don Javier (the second successor of St. Josemaria) visited the "Pearl of Africa". On Friday 20th December 2019, at 12.45 pm the Father (Monsignor Fernando Ocariz) landed on the same rich soil, the land of the martyrs.

The Prelate

With the Father, Hakuna Matata!

On Wednesday 18th December 2019 in the afternoon, the Father had a get-together with young women who frequent centres of Opus Dei all over Kenya. We summarize the main points here.

The Prelate