“Sowing the Seed” a book on the early history of Opus Dei in Nigeria by Prof. Albert J. Alos

The author talks about what motivated him to write the book and what St Josemaria told him.

“Sowing the Seed” a book on the early history of Opus Dei in Nigeria by Prof. Albert J. Alos

"I wrote the book in thanksgiving and for posterity"

Two main motives made me write the book. The first was the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Opus Dei in Nigeria; the Work began here in 1965. As 2015 approached I wanted to write about the early years to give thanks to God for the abundance of fruits produced in the past 50 years. And that’s why the book is titled "Sowing the Seed."

My second motive was to tell friends, colleagues and other people acquainted with the Work in Nigeria how it all started. Of the six that first came to Nigeria I’m the only one alive. Dr. Jeremy White, Fr. [Joseph] Gabiola, Fr. Louis Munoz, Dr. [Anthony Guillén] Preckler and Fr. James [Chapuli] are all in Heaven; they’ve left me behind. So, before God calls me to Heaven I wanted to leave an account of those years so that the next generation can know how it all began.

The book covers the first ten years from 1965 to 1975, when the pre-history of Opus Dei was done in Nigeria (1965) and the year when our Father went to Heaven (1975).

Meeting St Josemaria Escrivá, the Founder of Opus Dei

When I met our Father, I was 27 years old, the youngest of the group. He told me to remember we were instruments in the hands of God, to always have faith and trust in God, in his will and to be very faithful to the spirit of Opus Dei. He blessed me when he finished and kissed my forehead – I will always remember it as a “relic” from our Father.

It has always amazed how people accept and welcome the spirit of Opus Dei as a path to holiness in ordinary life. I hope readers enjoy the book as they learn how Opus Dei began in Nigeria.

The book is available at Criterion Publishers, 28, Ilorin Street, Surulere, Lagos.