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A Priest on a Dusty Road

A Priest on a Dusty Road

Fr. Joaquim Cabanyes died at the age of 62 in Nigeria, due to Covid-19. Jaime remembers meeting him on a hot dusty road 20 years ago, in the middle of Nigeria.

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My Benin Food-Drive in the COVID-19 Pandemic

My Benin Food-Drive in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ella, a recent graduate, shares her experience in assisting the needy in Benin City. Despite being in Calabar, she was able to work remotely in organizing a team of volunteers in Benin to provide palliatives and health and safety measures to some indigent people in Benin City.

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My Students, My Pride

A teacher of the Lagoon Institute of Hospitality Studies (LIHS), shares with joy the experiences of her students who, during the holidays, organized culinary sessions in their various communities. These sessions have turned to be impactful both to the students and their communities. LIHS is a hospitality and tourism school in Lagos targeted at equipping young women from low income homes with relevant skills that help them to be economically independent.

Heal the World

A group of university students visited children in the pediatric wards of the Teaching Hospital in Ituku-Ozalla shortly before the lock down.

Standing for Others in Lagos

Several women attending the means of formation in centres of Opus Dei in Lagos started WiNE (Women in New Evangelization) an initiative that organizes activities for young professionals. They decided to start one to help the less privileged during the COVID-19 pandemic.