Looking into the future with supernatural optimism

On the second day, 16th December 2019, the Father celebrated Mass at Kianda School encouraging his daughters to be collaborators of God.

The Father celebrating Mass

The Prelate of Opus Dei, Monsignor Ocariz begun the morning by preaching and celebrating Holy Mass in Kianda School. That morning session of prayer – that to the delight of many he conducted in English – centered on how astounding it is for all of us to be collaborators of God… – something that is beyond our skills and talents and is filled with obstacles, personal difficulties, external difficulties and environments... “Nevertheless,” Monsignor Ocariz encouraged us, “we must see all these as our Father did: with a big faith” that looks far into the fruitful future with supernatural optimism".

The Father giving communion to the faithful

And this optimism is a supernatural optimism, based on God’s love for us. “If God is for us, who is against us?” (Rm 8:31). God our Father has given us the means to conquer in our personal struggle and to be fruitful in our apostolate. And those means, that singular weapon is prayer. As St. Josemaria would say frequently, “…this is the only way for us, prayer. Pray!”

And this optimism leads us also to put in our own effort; we have to struggle constantly. This will lead us to see God in every task and in every person. And this is true Christian love.

The Father then concluded with some words on Christian unity being the responsibility for everyone. He then entrusted all those attending to the Blessed Virgin Mary, teacher of prayer and Mother of fair love.

The rest of the day, he spent working with the Regional Commission and Advisory and meeting faithful of the Prelature in small groups.