Examination of conscience for confession (teens)

We offer a series of questions that can help in the personal examination of conscience prior to confession. This version is intended for young people and adolescents.

▪ Have I rejected or neglected my faith or not bothered to find out more about it? Have I refused to defend my faith, or been ashamed of it?

▪ Have I taken the Lord’s name in vain? Have I been superstitious or put my trust in witch doctors, fortune-tellers or any other like these? Have I shown disrespect for any holy things, places or people?

▪ Have I chosen not to attend Mass on Sundays or Holy Days of Obligation? Have I been attentive during the Mass or do I wilfully get distracted? Have I left God out by not praying?

▪ Have I received Holy Communion with a grave sin on my conscience?

▪ Have I received Holy Communion without proper reverence?

▪ Have I been unhelpful at home? Have I been respectful and loving towards my parents? Have I treated my siblings with affection?

▪ Have I been impatient, angry or jealous? Do I lose my temper very easily?

▪ Have I fostered resentments or been unwilling to forgive? Have I sulked or given in to sarcasm? Have I been hateful or judgemental in thoughts or deeds?

Have I failed to work properly at school? Have I cheated in exams? Have I given in to laziness? Do I pay attention during the classes or do I get distracted very easily? Have I treated teachers and other adults with disrespect? Have I been rude?

▪ Have I been violent or taken part in fights?

▪ Have I hurt anyone by speaking badly about them or by engaging in gossip on the internet? Have I betrayed secrets or told things simply to hurt others?

▪ Have I spoken in an indecent way? Have I looked at indecent magazines, websites, videos or images? Have I committed impure acts on my own? Have I been involved in impure acts with someone else?

▪ Have I told lies to excuse myself, to hurt others or make myself look more important?

Have I stolen anything? Have I misused or damaged the property of others?

▪ Have I been jealous of others, of their looks, their popularity, their good work? Do I set my heart on possessing things?

▪ Have I encouraged others to do wrong in any way?

Have I consumed alcohol excessively or taken drugs?

▪ Have I been vain or selfish in my thoughts or actions?

Have I preferred physical comfort to service of others? Have I neglected the responsibility to bring others closer to God through my example and words?


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