Examination of conscience for confession (children)

To help you know what to ask forgiveness for, consider some of these questions.

Have I said my prayers every day?

Have I been going to Mass on Sundays?

Have I taken the Lord’s name in vain?

Have I talked and played unnecessarily at Mass or in the Church?

Have I been unhelpful at home?

Was I sometimes selfish or not loving enough to my parents and family?

Did I obey my parents and teachers? Have I been rude?

Did I share my things with others?

Have I been impatient, angry or jealous? Do I lose my temper easily?

Have I been selfish or insisted on getting my own way?

Have I been lazy at school?

Have I done my homework as best as I could? Have I cheated in the exams?

Have I taken part in fights?

Have I hurt anyone by speaking badly about them?

Have I told lies?

Have I taken anything that does not belong to me? Have I broken or damaged things that belong to others?

Have I been giving good example?

Have I encouraged others to do wrong in any way?

Have I been selfish in my thoughts or actions?

Have I been jealous of others?

Have I excluded anyone from games?

Have I prayed for others and tried to bring them closer to God?


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