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Spiritual Retreats 2024

The following spiritual retreats have been organised at the various venues listed below.


Pope's Prayer Intention for December 2023

Let us pray that people with disabilities may be at the center of attention in society, and that institutions offer inclusion programs that enhance their active participation.

From the Church and the Pope

Blessed Alvaro paid my fee balance!

Yesterday I was kicked out from the exam room because I had not cleared my fees. I called my mum but she did not have the money and I also called other donors who usually support me but this time they did not have the money which was around Ksh 7,000/=. (50 Dollars)

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Monthly Intentions

To the faithful and friends of Opus Dei, the Prelate suggests praying for this intention in a special way from 2nd October 2023 until 2nd October 2024 (anniversaries of the founding of the Work). In his turn, echoing this petition, the Prelate's representative in the region of East and Southern Africa has proposed a similar intention that faithful and friends in this region could pray for from 31st March 2024 (Easter Sunday) to 2nd October 2024 (Anniversary of the foundation of the Work).

From the Prelate

Pope's Prayer Intention for November 2023

"Pray to the Lord that he will bless me."

From the Church and the Pope

Nyaatha - "mother of mercy"

Opus Dei is a personal prelature of the Catholic Church to which lay people are called – single, married, widowed – to live the greatest commandments of love of God and love of neighbour right there in the middle of their ordinary lives, raising their families, keeping a job and so on. It is therefore not obvious what an article on a nun would be doing featuring here.

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“I picked up the baton from many brave women”

I was very young when I arrived in Kenya. I was grateful that from the beginning, I did not feel alone. Immediately I realized that I was another link in a chain and would be picking the baton from many brave women who worked from the first moment to bring the message of Opus Dei to Africa.

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Pope's Prayer Intention for October 2023

Let us open our hearts and “pray for the Church, that she may adopt listening and dialogue as a style of life at every level.”

From the Church and the Pope


We spent the last two weeks of our holidays helping needy students in the north of Mombasa.

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Something I Love, Someone I Love

Olamide is a pharmacist by profession and a basketball coach. Through a passionate training of upcoming student basketballers, she is creating a furrow of diligence in little things.

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