“The Mother of God has fallen asleep”

This is the key to open the door and enter the Kingdom of Heaven: qui facit voluntatem Patris mei qui in coelis est, ipse intrabit in regnum coelorum--he who does the will of my Father... he shall enter! (The Way, 754)

Assumpta est Maria in coelum: gaudent angeli! —God has taken Mary —body and soul— to Heaven: and the Angels rejoice!

So sings the Church. —And so, with that same outburst of joy, do we begin our contemplation in this decade of the Holy Rosary:

The Mother of God has fallen asleep. —Around her bed are the twelve Apostles. —Matthias in the place of Judas.

And we, through a grace respected by all, are also at her side.

But Jesus wants to have His Mother, body and soul, in Heaven. —And the heavenly Court, arrayed in all its splendour, hails Our Lady. —You and I —children after all— take the train of Mary’s magnificent blue cloak, and so we can watch the marvelous scene.

The most Blessed Trinity receives and showers honours on the Daughter, Mother, and Spouse of God... —And so great is Our Lady’s majesty that the Angels exclaim: Who is she? (Holy Rosary, Fourth Glorious Mystery)

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