Youth: A Space for Young People on the Opus Dei Website

Opus Dei Youth is now live on with new content for young people who want to impact society and grow closer to God.

Five months have gone by since “DYA Day,” January 15, the anniversary of the opening of the first university residence of the Work, when the Opus Dei Youth project was launched on social media. Since then, the Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube accounts have shared numerous publications for young people seeking to live their faith in the 21st century, from practical tips about friendship or studying in God’s presence to audios for guided prayer and personal testimonies related to faith, family, and facing challenges.

The launch event for the project described Youth as a platform for young people, by young people, and promised that it would eventually find a home on the Opus Dei website. 

This Wednesday, June 5, the doors of that home are finally open in English and Spanish.

It can be found within the site, with a unique look and feel. At launch, it will contain all the Youth content previously published on social media and never-before-seen new publications, such as longer versions of some video testimonies, articles on a variety of topics, indexes of material for prayer, and adaptations of e-books on Christian life. New content will be released regularly on the website and social media.

The Youth project is produced by an international team composed of professionals in Opus Dei Communications Offices in several countries, together with volunteers around the world. The team welcomes feedback and new contributors, and can be contacted at