Video Summary of Ordination of 32 Priests

On May 9, in Rome, Bishop Javier Echevarría conferred priestly ordination on 32 faithful of the prelature of Opus Dei. With words from the Prelate's homily.

The ceremony took place in the basilica of San Eugenio. The new priests come from 14 countries: Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, United States, Guatemala, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland and Taiwan (see list of names below).

In his homily, the Prelate told the new priests that “the entire Church rejoices with your priestly ordination." And citing words of Pope Francis, he urged them to always be cheerful, because “the cheerfulness of the priest is a precious good, not only for himself but for the whole people of God."

Bishop Echevarría reminded them that “the priesthood is a gratuitous call that God addresses to certain men for the service of the Church, without reference to one's own merits or other considerations." And he added: “Let us give thanks to our Lord for his goodness and let us pray for them and for all priests . . . At the same time, I also suggest that you pray for all the families in the world, since it is in the heart of Christian homes that God normally raises up, as in a nursery, the various forms of the vocation to sanctity."

“Dear ordinands," the Prelate continued, “realize that from now on you will be ministers and dispensers of God's mysteries. You will explain to everyone the word of God; you will dispense his grace in the sacraments, especially in the Eucharist and in Penance. You will guide the Christian people to the safe pastures of eternal life, and you will help souls to know ever better the marvels of Christian life." He encouraged them to reflect on some words of Saint Josemaría, founder of Opus Dei: “a priest is not a psychologist, nor a sociologist, nor an anthropologist: he is another Christ, Christ himself, to serve the souls of his brothers and sisters."

Bishop Echevarría invited the new priests to “celebrate Holy Mass as well as possible. In the Sacrifice of the Altar we all find, priests and lay people, the grace we need for our own holiness and for the holiness of the faithful."

Below are the names and countries of the new priests:

(For video clip with Jeff Langan from the U.S. click here.)

(A written interview with James Mwaura from Kenya is available here.)

Paulo Oriente Franciulli (Brazil)

José Luis Parrado Frade (Spain)

Alejandro Vázquez-Dodero Rodríguez (Spain)

Alejandro Baños Atance (Spain)

Jeffrey Joseph Langan (U.S.)

Juan Carlos Vásconez Donoso (Ecuador)

Jordi Pujol Soler (Spain)

Miguel Díez López (Spain)

Rafael Cabrera González (Spain)

Alejandro Ayxelá Frigola (Spain)

Jorge Mario Jaramillo Echeverry (Colombia)

Federico María López Navarro (Spain)

Javier Ibáñez Vial (Chile)

José María Rincón Fernández (Spain)

José Enrique De Castro y Manglano (Jerusalem)

Jesús María Corcuera Canflanca (Spain)

Juan Martín Aguado (Spain)

Carlos Ayxelá Frigola (Spain)

Miguel Ángel Bravo Gutiérrez (Mexico)

Rafael Bartolomé Castilla (Spain)

Juan Gabriel Irarrázaval Armendáriz (Chile)

Rafael García Arenillas (Spain)

Agapitus Tobechukwu Okoye (Nigeria)

Ifeanyi Sylvester Ogboh (Nigeria)

Mauricio Shiaw-Tsu Liu Roqueñi (Taiwan)

Thomas Kenner (Austria)

Wojciech Woźny (Poland)

Jesús Fernández Vicente (Spain)

Stanisław Urmański (Poland)

Mauricio Fabián Ballesteros Casas (Argentina)

Carlos Luis Páez Lucero (Guatemala)

James Mwaura Njunge (Kenya)