Two Favors about “Forever”

We share two stories about marriages that have overcome difficult moments to continue forward in the adventure of “forever.”

In May 2020, one of my children told me that things were not going well with his wife, and that they had decided to separate. I began to pray to God, through the intercession of Paquita and Tomas, for a solution to this problem.

I put their prayer card under the keyboard of my desktop computer, and each time I sat down to begin working I prayed the prayer and asked for this favor.

Today I can tell you that the marriage has been saved and they are happily vacationing with their children.

Thank you, Paquita and Tomas.

L. C. - Argentina

I held off sharing this favor of Tomás Alvira and Paquita Domínguez, which we received in our family. Two years ago we went through a very difficult situation due to the crisis of one of my children.

I had recourse to Tomás and Paquita’s intercession, although without much confidence that things would change. After being married for a number of years, they had begun the legal process of divorce, and both of them were very determined to end their relationship. From a merely human standpoint, it seemed very difficult to resolve. Nevertheless, I prayed with faith that the situation could be set right.

I began to pray insistently the prayer from their prayer card. I decided to entrust my daughter-in-law to Tomas and my son to Paquita. As a family counselor, I know how important the sacrament of marriage and the family are. So seeing the possibility of “separation” in people so close to us was a source of great sorrow. Besides, I was thinking of their children and all the consequences that arise from a separation.

Two years have gone by and we have been able to see the power of their intercession. The process of the divorce was suspended despite having paid part of the money, and they began family counseling. We have witnessed a change in both of them, with a greater harmony and more open communication in the family atmosphere, not only with each other but with the other members of the family as well.

I give thanks to God and our Lady that, through the intercession of Tomas and Paquita, their marriage has been saved.

M. A. L. – United States