"That They May Be One"

Meditations for each day of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, from 18 to 25 January, which ends on the feast of the conversion of Saint Paul.

Inspiration for Your Prayer
Opus Dei - "That They May Be One"

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Day 1, 18 January: Jesus’ prayer: "that all may be one"; Origin of the custom and importance of unity; Recognising Christ in others.

Day 2, 19 January: Prayer: the centre of every ecumenical endeavour; Personal conversion so as to purify the memory; Practical ways: dialogue and work in common.

Day 3, 20 January: Unity within the Church; The order of charity; Unity in variety.

Day 4, 21 January: The Church is holy in her origin and in her ends; The struggle for holiness in her members; The saints are a bond of unity.

Day 5, 22 January: The Church is catholic and universal by nature; A sign of catholicity: diversity in matters open to opinion; Zeal for souls should lead us to become all things to all men.

Day 6, 23 January: Christ wanted to found the Church on the apostles; All Christians are called to be apostles; Apostolate "ad fidem" and "ad gentes."

Day 7, 24 January: Christ chooses St Peter and his successors; The Papacy as an institution affirms universality in unity; Union with the Pope also means union with his magisterium.

Day 8, 25 January: God’s grace converts St Paul; God counts on us as he did with St Paul; St Paul is a model for attaining holiness.