Transcript: A question I've always asked, that's a constant in my life, especially my life of faith, is to ask what it really means to love God. And for me, loving God is letting yourself be loved by Him.

I come from a Catholic family, but my family doesn't always practice. I went to a British school, which wasn't Catholic, but it gave us the option to study religion, and I've always felt called by God. My mother always gave my brother and I the option of approaching God as we wanted, because God is love. You have to come to the faith by love; it can't be forced. At 11 I decided to be baptized so I could receive my first communion. It was very beautiful, because my godparents were my grandparents, who had brought me to God's love. 

As I grew, I got farther from God also because I felt out of place at school; they didn't understand why it was important for me to go to Mass or religion classes. When I got older, I got into a relationship that lasted 6 years and as a result of that relationship and the people around me, I distanced myself from the faith not because they were bad people; they were very good people but they were very far from God, and I ended up separating myself from Him.

When I left the school, I met my best friend and I met God again. I'll always remember the moment when I came back to Him, because when my best friend talked about God it was so beautiful that I wondered how anyone could love someone that much. And so I returned to this path of letting myself be loved by God to come back to the love God offers us and finally I saw that what I had to do was, more than loving Him myself, to allow myself to experience the love He gives us every minute of the day.

So for me, coming back to God was like starting to breathe again. I feel like I didn't have enough air all my life, and when I came back to Him, it was finding the missing piece in my life at last.