Between 1970 and 1975, Saint Josemaria embarked on long trips to visit his spiritual children in the Work and their friends in different countries. In those trips, he spoke to many young people about their mission in the world, and he shared advice from his personal experience living the faith and facing situations like the ones they asked him about.

Here’s a short list of the full version of some of the quotes illustrated above:

  • "Rebels! This is the great rebellion. It is the rebellion of the man who refuses to be a beast. Who wants to be close to his God, in great (total!) intimacy, and give Him his heart completely. The vocation deserves great respect."
  • "Attend to your usual occupations, your work, the task you have regularly. Strive to do it without sloppiness, to do it very well. When it's hard, offer it to the Lord and ask for his help. Invoke your guardian angel and help your friends when they seem weaker, with a timely word, a book, a small mortification, and, moreover, with that impressive smile of yours."
  • "Fight now, come on! Don't wait until you're old. First, you don't know if you'll get there, and then if you haven't fought when you were young, you'll make a fool of yourself when you're old. Come on, you won't miss a thing now."
  • "Put your heart into it. What would human life be without a heart? It would be inhuman. You have a very big heart, and you don't have to pretend to be something you're not. Get involved in each other's lives, for good; not to gossip or scheme, but to bring Jesus Christ into it."
  • "Open up! Immerse yourselves in the lives of others. Remember that Jesus Christ did not ask for permission to enter into our lives and complicate them."
  • "If you want good advice, you have to share all your concerns: first and foremost, those things you'd rather keep hidden: that's the first thing you need to say, and it’s such a relief! It feels so good to let go of that burden!"
  • "Freedom without personal responsibility is not freedom, it is licentiousness; and if I defend the freedom of others, I have the right to defend my own. I respect everyone's freedom, with all my affection; I demand that mine be respected!"
  • "Faith doesn‘t take away your freedom, my daughter. On the contrary, it gives you light to use it rightly!"
  • "You gave good advice: become a child, and tell our Lord, ingenuously, when you receive Him in Communion, to give you the decisiveness not to go looking for excuses, alright? To make you brave, not a coward. I’m saying this as a former coward... So take heart!"