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What intentions and desires do you have in your Sacred Heart, Jesus? I know some of them: the salvation of souls, peace, mercy, conversion, unity in the world and among Christians… What do you want for the world today? Will you take my struggle today and put it toward those intentions? What national and international events and crises can I pray for? What does the Church need now? What is the Pope praying for?

So many people still don’t know you, Lord. I want to offer the days of all the people who’ve never heard of a morning offering to you too, including some members of my family and friends. I can imagine that you, who stood on a hill overlooking the city of Jerusalem and wept because they rejected your gift (cf. Lk 19:41), must suffer when you see all the souls turning away from you today. I want to turn to you on their behalf. Will you let me give you my day when they don’t give you theirs? Will you give them grace to come closer to you?

These are big intentions, and what I have to offer you is small. The things I have to do are ordinary, and I’m pretty ordinary too. I have serious weaknesses and I fall into temptation so often. I’m one of the sinners I just prayed for. Sometimes I don’t think I have enough to offer you. This is what I’m going to do today… And these are the weaknesses I’m battling now…

Will you help me trust you? You made me and you love me the way I am. I’m like the poor widow in the Gospel who Jesus praised for giving two small coins in the Temple because they were all she had (cf. Lk 21:1-4).

If I give you everything, you’ll make it fruitful. Is there anything I’m holding back? Are there any bad habits I’m afraid to give up? Are there any aspects of my character that I haven’t accepted? Are there any people in my life that I don’t try to share your love with? Are there any things I do that I consider too unimportant to give to you? I want to give them to you now.