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There’s so much running through my head right now, Lord. Lights and colours and ideas and song lyrics and plans and feelings… How am I supposed to talk to you like this?

I could wave all those things through like a police officer at an intersection without traffic lights while I hold on to one idea, the topic I really want to talk to you about. Maybe I’ll do that another day. Right now I want to pray about the distractions.

I keep thinking about people I know. You already know who they are, but let me tell you their names and call their face to mind one by one, slowly… Please bless them, Lord. Is there a reason they’re coming to mind now, as I pray? Is there anything they need from me?

I have all kinds of plans going through my head too: what I’m going to do after this, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. I have big plans for the future, Lord. This is what I’m most looking forward to…

Some of the distractions in my mind are just silly: songs, stories, images, memes, random things that have happened to me… I know you’re interested in everything I’m interested in, because you love me. Nothing is too small for you. Is that how I am with other people? Do I try to find out what my friends are interested in, just because I love them? Am I interested in the things you are interested in?

How can I turn all these little things back to you?

I want to clear my head of all these distractions for just a couple of minutes, Lord, and spend some time only contemplating you. I don’t know if I’ll be able to quiet all the traffic in my mind, but if I can’t that’s okay: I’ve already spent all this time with you, and at least I will have tried. I want to hear your voice. If any distractions occur to me now, I’m going to let them roll right through the intersection without paying them any attention. I’m only focusing on you. Lord, I love you.