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I’m going to spend longer than normal recollecting myself this evening, Lord. Let me adjust my posture to help get myself ready to focus… And now I want to slow the thoughts going around my head down and listen to the silence around me… All of this is for you, Lord. Let’s just take a minute to be quiet together.

Now I want to ask you: what moved me today? What did I spend time talking or thinking about? Where did I invest my energy? What ideals or temptations attracted me? What “passwords” gave people, causes, ideas, or passions access to my heart (cf. Pope Francis, Audience, 5-X-2023)?

You are the one I want to live in my heart all the time. Did I act like it today? Did I let anything else take your place?

I’ve been trying to overcome some of my weaknesses and grow in particular virtues. How did I struggle in those things today? Where do you want me to focus my struggle tomorrow?

Lord, I’m sorry for all the ways I failed to love you — and to love others for your sake — today. Please forgive me.

I want to give my last thought tonight and my first thought tomorrow morning to you. I’ve been trying to put you first in my heart. Will you help me make you the most important thing in my head?

Thank you for the gift of this day, Lord. Please stay with me tonight. I’m going to finish by praying 3 Hail Marys for the virtue of purity, asking our Mother for help to love with a strong, clean heart.