Now on Mobile Phones

The web page of the Information Office of Opus Dei can now be accessed on mobile phones and PDAs in 30 languages.

Many people, especially those who are younger, have been asking if the website could be accessed from mobile phones and PDAs. A mobile version is now available that contains some of the most popular sections of Opus Dei’s web page. The address to access this version is or

The main page of the mobile version has the most recent news items and links to the sections "What is Opus Dei?", "About Saint Josemaría" (with his biography, prayer card and texts for each day of the year), and the section "From the Prelate," with recent news and his monthly letters.

It will also be possible to access videos and audio or pdf files (depending on the capacity of the phone or PDA).

By this initiative, the Information Office of Opus Dei hopes to contribute to the wish expressed by Pope Benedict XVI on December 18 last year:In order that the Church may continue to be present with her message "in the great areopagus of social communications," as John Paul II called it, and not find herself foreign to the areas in which countless young people surf seeking answers and a meaning for their life, you must seek ways to spread voices and images of hope in new forms, through the internet that wraps our planet in an ever closer web

When accessing the website from a mobile device, a link to the mobile version will automatically appear at the beginning of the home page.