"Make of your life a complete self-giving"

On September 3, in the shrine of Torreciudad in Spain​, the Archbishop of Tarragona, Jaume Pujol, conferred priestly ordination on two faithful of Opus Dei.

The two new priests, Associate members of the Prelature, are Ginés José Pérez Almela and Arturo Garralón. Father Ginés, 59 years old, is from Murcia and taught for three decades in a high school there. Father Arturo, who worked in a bank for a number of years, was born in Guadalajara, Spain, 42 years ago.

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Amid a joyful family atmosphere, the new priests were accompanied by the Prelate of Opus Dei, Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz, as well as many family members, friends and colleagues.

In his homily, Archbishop Pujol asked them to be “servants of those around them” and to be “open to the needs of everyone, faithful to the great gift of the priesthood.” He asked them “to make of your life a complete self-giving,” and cited some words of Saint Josemaria Escriva, who once reminded a group of new priests that they were being ordained “to serve, not to command or stand out, but to give themselves in an unbroken and divine silence, in the service of all souls.”

Echoing Pope Francis, Archbishop Pujol asked people to pray for an increase in priestly vocations and for their fidelity, since “the Church has a true hunger for priests.” He also stressed that “there is an urgent need for many lay people who open their hearts generously to their specific calling to sanctity.”

Ginés said that one factor in his decision to become a priest was “the lack of priests today, and the great amount of good a good priest can do.” “I want to be visible and close to people, and I ask our Lord for the gift of tongues in order to reach the heart and mind of each person I come in contact with.”

The family members of the two new priests expressed their joy and gratitude for their ordination. Pedro, one of Ginés’s brothers, said that it was a wonderful day for their family, and he was praying that his brother will be very humble and therefore very effective. Isabel, one of the cousins of Ginés present at the ceremony, said that “I am praying that he continue spreading joy and happiness to those around him.”

Arturo’s parents said that “we can’t begin to describe our joy at the great gift it is to have a son who is a priest.” Nicolas, a nephew of Arturo, said that his uncle’s “friendly and open personality and love for sports would be a big help in his new work.”

One of the concelebrants was the vicar general of Guadalajara, Agustin Bujeda. Seeing the joy of everyone there, he said that “this has been a new breath from the Holy Spirit, an impulse of light and holiness, filling everyone with new desires to be holy, to strive to be better in each one’s vocation.”