Work and Fatherhood: "God is there with me"

This is the third of a series of interviews commemorating the 75th anniversary of Opus Dei coming to Ireland. In this episode, Dr. John Kehoe explains how his medical work, marriage, and fatherhood were enriched when he met Opus Dei.

In this episode, Dr. John Kehoe, who describes himself as an “ordinary” Irishman, talks about how the realisation that his children are God’s children first has helped him to be more intentional about his parenting.

He explains how he has grown into his roles by trying to serve and love his wife, Jennifer, and his children in small ways every day.

We discuss how daily prayer and the sacraments are not chores to be ticked off but moments of encounter with Christ and His perspective in a busy day.

Dr. John Kehoe

Dr. John Kehoe