Food for More Than 50,000 People

The students of Los Cerros (a school in Colombia), in collaboration with the Food Bank, have collected more than 9,600 cans of food that will be distributed to vulnerable families in Bogota.

Advent wreath made of canned food in Los Cerros (Colombia).

The activity began in 2018, working hand-in-hand with the food bank (Banco de Alimentos), but this year the record was broken with more than 9,600 canned goods obtained.

The Gimnasio de Los Cerros school joined the food bank's “Navidar” ("Give-mas") campaign and collected more than 9,600 canned goods for those most in need. They also designed a giant Christmas tree together.

Gimnasio de Los Cerros is a school in Bogota, Colombia, founded in 1964 by a group of families looking to provide formation in Catholic values, encouraged by the founder of Opus Dei, St. Josemaria Escriva.

Among the values promoted in the Los Cerros educational community are solidarity and leadership oriented toward on service. That is why the canned goods collection began in October, with the aim of providing food for 50,000 vulnerable people.

The school's arts department put up a gigantic Christmas tree about six meters high and designed a giant Advent wreath made out of canned goods.

Most of the cans are of tuna, sardines, peas, beans and sweetened fruit in syrup; foods that do not spoil easily and can feed a family in need at any time.

The rector of the school, Eduardo Manrique, says that they hope to connect with others schools and shopping centers next year, making the collection even bigger. The school is also willing to receive external donations and invites those interested in giving to contact the institution.

The food bank is responsible for identifying needy communities and administering the resources collection.

The school's social project coordinator, Felipe Gómez, emphasized that the activity did not only help those most in need. It also generated a bond between the school's families, who worked as a team to achieve the objective.

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