Favors Received from prayers to Dora del Hoyo

Seeking the intercession of men and women who have died with a reputation for holiness is a common practice in the Catholic Church. Some favors received through the intercession of Dora del Hoyo.

A few years ago I  suffered from dermatitis on my hands. I received treatment for it and the problem had mostly cleared up. Recently, however, the cleaning products that I use started to make the problem worse, and it became necessary for me to use cotton gloves under my rubber gloves in order to do anything. Because the dermatitis was spreading, I went to see a specialist, who diagnosed it as a severe allergy. The skin became so irritated that it would bleed. I received another treatment and had to continue with the cotton gloves.

I went to Dora, asking her to cure my hands, since all of my work is manual, just like hers was. When I asked Dora for help I had already been treated for the dermatitis for two years. I began to notice a slight improvement, and I took the risk of not using gloves. Now I haven’t used gloves for quite a while, and the problem hasn’t returned. I am infinitely grateful because I am sure she is the one responsible for this cure. Now I am asking her for a very important favor, and I am confident that she will do it for me.

A.L.  (Mexico)

Although I am from Madrid, I live in Paracuellos de Jarama. About two years ago my mother, who lives in Jerez de la Frontera, a province of Cadiz, came to visit me.

We set off for Mass from my apartment, when my mother tripped and fell, with the misfortune that she hit her head on the corner of a brick building. At that moment, a lady she had regularly seen in Mass walked by and she helped me pick her off the ground and carry her to the emergency ambulance service. Fortunately the bump was no more than a scare.

Since then every time I met that lady she asked after my mother and I asked after her children. Her family is very humble given that she has had to raise her children on her own with a great deal of effort.

Among the things she told me, with tears in her eyes, was that she had been diagnosed with a serious illness and the doctors had given up all hope.

I don’t generally like giving out prayer cards as one does playing cards, but seeing she was so upset I gave her the prayer card explaining briefly who Dora was.

We met in the street on another ocasion. Hastily she told me that she had to “confirm something” to do with some people in the village and she was asking for Dora’s intercesion. I did not understand anything at that moment as I was in a hurry myself and did not ask her for more details.

Last year on the 8th of December, the feast of the Immaculate Conception, I was going to get the car to go for my monthly recollection and I met her on the way. I took advantage of the opportunity to ask her to pray for me and she asked me why I was asking her to pray for me and not “my Dora” (as I had told her), “as she is doing many miracles for the village!“

She told me that what she was waiting to be confirmed, had been confirmed. Since I still did not understand anything I asked her: “but what had to be confirmed? …a pregnancy, a diagnosis, a judgment…” She explained that the owners of a well-known restaurant in the village, who were living in an irregular matrimonial situation (by chance, they turned out to be parents of a girl I had been giving catechism classes to for her First Holy Communion) wanted to be confirmed and because of their irregular situation the Bishop was unable to give his permission. She had prayed to Dora del Hoyo so that they could be confirmed. Those parents have now regularised their marriage situation and were confirmed, before their daughter  . . .

Furthermore, she told me: Do you know where “your Dora” is now? I asked her, not knowing what to expect in response, “where?” She replied in “El Pela,” which is the name of the restaurant. I have not been able to see it for myself but it seems that they have placed the prayer card in a visible place.

She continued: “and I wanted you to know that I will be discharged on Monday.” She was referring to the medical discharge. She had prayed to Dora to be cured of the illness she had been diagnosed with a few years ago.