Favors received from prayers to Laurita

Seeking the intercession of men and women who have died with a reputation for holiness is a common practice in the Catholic Church. A few examples of favors received through the intercession of Laura Busca.

A fortunate error

Several weeks ago I came across Laurita’s prayer card. I never met her but I knew her husband from my work as a doctor in the University Hospital of Navarra. As a woman and a gynecologist, I was concerned when my secretary, who is 40, became pregnant and was going to need her third caesarean section. In the second trimester some images from the echograph of the baby’s head were a cause of concern to me.

It was right at the limit of what could be considered pathological, but still it was something that needed to be watched closely. Near the end of the third trimester it became clear that a retarded intrauterine growth was taking place. That’s when “Laurita” came into my life. It occurred to me that, since her prayer card had just been printed and she was the mother of a family, she could be a good intercessor who wasn’t “too busy” yet.

I have a lot of experience with echographs and quite a good machine (normally the weight estimate I obtain is never off by more than 3.5 ounces). But since the person in question was quite close to me, I asked another gynecologist with extensive experience (and who has a high resolution machine like mine) to do another echograph. In week 37 (that is, near the end of the pregnancy), I estimated the baby’s weight at 80 ounces. Three days later, this colleague of mine came up with a figure of 80 to 88 ounces as the maximum weight. We decided to do the caesarean immediately, even though the baby would probably have to be put into intensive care owing to the low weight. Meanwhile I kept entrusting the case to Laurita. (It hadn’t been a difficult pregnancy, but it had been quite trying for many reasons and I wanted it to turn out well.)

We were greatly relieved when the baby turned out to weigh 99 ounces and was in perfect health. For me, this has been a grace from heaven, since in all my 15 years of experience I had never had such a mistaken result from an echograph, and one that turned out so well.

It’s quite a simple favor but I want to express my thanks to God and to this good mother of a family, Laurita, for her intercession. From knowing her husband, I am sure that she must have been a marvelous and self-sacrificing mother.

M.R.P., Pamplona 2008 An intense pain in my knee

I am writing to inform you that Laurita, the wife of Eduardo Ortiz de Landazuri, has obtained a great favor for me. I had an intense pain in my knee that was causing me to become depressed, since I had to be able to walk in order to continue working. The pain and its effects disappeared in two days. I attribute this to her intercession. Many thanks for everything. Please pray for me.

P.S.R., Valladolid 2010

Everything helps!

I spoke with a friend up mine who works in a pharmacy. She told me that she and her husband were quite upset since he had been laid off by the computer company he works for. Although they aren’t believers, I entrusted the matter to Laurita Busca.

After several months I called her again about another matter and she told me that her husband had found work. He was very happy since it was in his area of expertise.

I told her: “Even though we don’t have the same outlook on life, I have been praying that your husband would find work.” She told me happily: “Everything helps, everything helps!”

Thank you, Laurita.

M.C.S. Esplugas de Llobregal 2010