Favors Received Through the Intercession of Eduardo Ortiz de Landazuri

Seeking the intercession of men and women who have died with a reputation for holiness is a common practice in the Catholic Church. Some favors received through the intercession of Eduardo Ortiz de Landazuri.

My son was diagnosed with lung cancer. I went to God for a cure through his servant Eduardo Ortiz de Landazuri, and I asked my whole family to do the same.

We were told that the cancer was local and that an operation was quite feasible, but as time went by the news became more disheartening.  The oncologist decided they couldn’t operate because there was mediastinal adenopathy and the tumor was too close to the trachea. At most he could live for two years, even after they did a tracheotomy.

When trying to get specimens for a biopsy there were two lung collapses. We kept on praying to Dr Eduardo and the surprise came after x-rays were taken to study the lung collapse. The doctor told us that the dark mark had become much smaller and the adenopathies were disappearing. And this improvement came about without as yet having any treatment that could explain the changes.

Later my son saw another specialist who assured us that there was no cancer. A biopsy was done by the University of Navarra Clinic, and they also found no evidence of a tumor.


A non-viable foetus.

When my daughter-in-law had her first echogram she received the lovely news that she was expecting twins. With the second echogram everything was normal, but with the third the gynaecologist said that one of the foetuses was not viable because the ureter was completely blocked. Another colleague confirmed the diagnosis and thought that the best plan would be to eliminate that foetus in favor of the other one.

Another specialist was consulted who said that it could be a cyst, but with succeeding echograms it seemed that the first diagnosis was correct. In yet another consultation the opinion given was the same, although the blockage could be partial.

From the beginning I went to Dr Eduardo because my daughter-in-law is also a doctor and it seemed to me he would listen to me. The pregnancy went ahead although she had to rest a lot. At the end, a month before she was due, my daughter-in-law gave birth to two beautiful children, a boy (who was the miracle) and a girl. I thank Dr Eduardo for this favor that has filled our whole family with joy.

Ma. H. V.A.