eBook: Catechesis on the Family (Vol. I)

The first 8 of Pope Francis' Wednesday general audiences on the topic of the family, in pdf and epub format.

PDF: Catechesis on the Family (Vol. I)

ePub: Catechesis on the Family (Vol. I)

On December 10, Pope Francis began a series of general audiences on the topic of the family, in preparation for the upcoming Synod on the Family next October.

Recently the Prelate of Opus Dei said in an interview: "I advise families to read the Pope's encouraging catecheses on fathers and mothers, on grandparents and relatives, on brothers and sisters and children . . . It is a cause of joy to see that many families feel loved by God and are a reflection of Trinitarian love. Through the efforts of fathers and mothers, often heroic, they become 'bright and cheerful homes,' as Saint Josemaria used to say. They pour out their affection on the society around them. But there are also many other families that are going through grave difficulties, or in which coldness and selfishness hold sway. Uniting myself to the Pope's intentions, I would like to see the Synod become an acknowledgement and expression of gratitude for the first, and a strong point of support for a positive transformation of the second group of families."