"Dora continues helping me"

After some of my family members brought some prayers cards to us at the convent, I’ve received many favours through Dora's intercession. I’ve asked her for many everyday needs.

Convent of Saint Joseph, Avila
Convent of Saint Joseph, Avila (Wikimedia Commons)

I am a Discalced Carmelite Sister from Gijón. I have been in touch with Opus Dei for several years and have asked for vocations for the service of the Church through St. Josemaría. 

Some of my family members brought us prayer cards to Dora, and I have received several favors through her intercession. 

The first relates to my brother and some people he lives with. Some of the people in his house, including him, got the COVID-19 virus on 15 November 2020. They went into confinement and asked us to pray for them not to suffer further complications and for their next PCR tests to be negative. Our Prioress conveyed this message, and I immediately went to my cell and prayed a novena to Dora for my brother and those living with him. A few days later, she called all of us and said that everything had gone quite well through the sickness, and they were okay. The other sisters had also prayed for this intention.

The second favor I asked for through Dora happened a little later. We learned that the Prioress of the Discalced Carmelites from Córdoba had also gotten COVID-19 and was gravely ill. She was not expected to survive the night. That night, I started to pray a novena to Dora. I said the prayer nine times, asking for her cure. The next day, we were told that her health was improving and she was out of danger. She is now completely cured.

The third favor received through Dora came when we got news of a young child who had fallen and hit his eye. It was bleeding, and the family was told that he would probably lose his sight. I began to pray to Dora nine times, asking her to intercede for him. Some days later, we learned that he was getting better and would not lose his eye. Afterward, I discovered that his family had asked Don Álvaro del Portillo for the boy's cure. We (the Discalced Sisters from Gijón) are very fond of him because he visited the convent in 1988 and wrote a short personal prayer on a printed image of our Lady. On this particular occasion, I had asked Dora to intercede for the child — but the most important fact is that the child was cured! I always have the prayer card to Dora with me, and I ask her for many of my everyday needs. She continues helping me.

M. V. C., Spain

Photo: Rafa Esteve, via Wikimedia Commons