Resources for Children

Here are some kid-friendly books and resources about the life of Saint Josemaría.


Biographies for Children

Michael Carceles and Elizabeth Torra. Yes! The Life of Josemaria Escriva for Young Readers, Manila: Sinag-Tala 1994 / Princeton: Scepter, 2002.

Full of appealing illustrations and charming stories spanning the entire life of St. Josemaria, this large-size children’s book not only helps children get to know St. Josemaria, but also brings them to an understanding of the idea of holiness in daily life. In a series of well-told stories, it tells about St. Josemaria’s youth, his miraculous cure by the Blessed Virgin, his founding of Opus Dei, and much more.

J. Gillissen, E. Gabriel and Paule Fostroy. Through the Mountains: the Life of St. Josemaria, Princeton: Scepter, 2005.

Exciting cartoon-format account of the Saint’s life, featuring his friends and followers, and showing the saint at prayer and in action.

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When Josemaría was Very Young

By Irwin, Anne-Marie; published in Australia by Portico Books, 2002

This little book has short stories and pictures to colour in about the young life of Saint Josemaría Escrivá.

It tells of his sickness and recovery at the age of two, the prayers he learned as a young child, the Christmas traditions he shared with his sister Carmen, the stories that Maria, the cook, would tell them, the penance - a fried egg - that he received for his first Confession, and the prayers he said to prepare for his first Communion.

Other book planned for this series are:

- Josemaría's School Years

- Josemaría Seeks the Will of God

- Josemaría and God's Work

- The Adventure of the Pyrenees

Cartoon video

God's Footprint

Cartoon video about the life of St Josemaria, for young audiences

”God's Footprint” is the first cartoon video about Saint Josemaria Escriva for young people. It isn’t just a biography, but an adventure story, full of historical events that show how attractive Saint Josemaría was.

The founder of Opus Dei was a model 20th-century saint: cheerful, determined, a great friend, optimistic ... and with a special sensitivity for the things of God.

He was someone whose happiness and drive came from being always aware that God was his Father. The Lord showed him how to bring God’s happiness to everyone, reminding them of the marvelous possibility of finding holiness in the ordinary things they do every day.

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