Biography of Fr. Joseph

Fr. Joseph (José Luis Múzquiz de Miguel) was born in 1912 in Badajoz, Spain. He helped St. Josemaria spread Opus Dei to many countries, especially the United States.

Fr. Joseph (as he was known in the United States) was born on October 14, 1912, in Badajoz, Spain. While studying engineering in Madrid in 1934, he met Saint Jose­maría Escrivá, the founder of Opus Dei. Responding to God’s call, he joined Opus Dei in January of 1940.

He would eventually obtain three doctorates, in Engineering, History, and Canon Law. As a civil engineer in the early 1940’s, he strove to sanctify his work of building bridges and railroad stations, and carried out apostolate with colleagues and friends. On June 25, 1944, he was one of the first three priests to be ordained for Opus Dei.
In 1949 Father Joseph went to the United States to start Opus Dei’s apostolic work there, first in Chicago and then in other cities. In the late 1950s, he trav­eled extensively, laying the groundwork for Opus Dei’s beginnings in Asia. He subsequently worked in Rome, Switzerland and Spain, and then in 1976 he returned to the United States.
On June 21, 1983, Father Joseph died, after suffer­ing a heart attack while teaching a class at Arnold Hall Conference Center in Pembroke, MA. He is bur­ied in St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Brookline, MA.
Father Joseph was an inspiration to thousands of people of every social background. His warm love, tireless work, and humble simplicity brought him a reputation for holiness among all who knew him.