Favors received from prayers to José Luiz Múzquiz

Seeking the intercession of men and women who have died with a reputation for holiness is a common practice in the Catholic Church. Examples of favors received through the intercession of Father Joseph follow.

An apartment for my growing family

We had been married three and a half years and our third child was due to be born. Concerned that our landlord might object to a third child in a two-bedroom apartment, we approached him and were delighted when he said there would be no problem. Two months later, out of the blue, he posted an eviction notice on our door. Anything we could afford would mean moving to the outermost suburbs, far from work, family and friends. Fr. Joseph had died just a few weeks before, and we had heard about his way of getting houses when the Work was first starting in the States and there was very little money available. We turned to him for help.

Within two weeks our prayers had been more than answered. Friends in Washington D.C. told an older couple about our search. They said we were the answer to their prayers. They had a house to rent and were looking for a couple with children, rather than a group of students, even though they knew a normal family could not afford the rents in that neighborhood. We ended up in a lovely little home in the exact part of Washington we had dreamed of, paying a rent that was far below market rates and that permitted us to save up a down-payment for our own home. Our next five children were born there. We all have the most pleasant of memories of our life when that house was our home.

P.F., Maryland, U.S.A.

Triplets -- three healthy babies born

In August of 2007 my son and daughter-in-law became the parents of triplets – three healthy boys. The previous February, the doctor strongly urged the ecstatic but nervous parents to abort one. Possibly she could carry two. Because of her rather delicate health—at times severe asthma, migraines and frequent seizures—he reasoned thusly. He also warned that economically the medical bills would cause a serious financial strain. He painted a very bleak picture.

They promptly found another doctor, supportive and excellent. He would do his best… And so we began to pray very hard to Father Joseph. A friend of ours asked countless people to pray to him. We are convinced that it was through Father Joseph’s intercession that the mother went so far, and that the babies were very healthy.

After the successful birth, the doctor confided to the parents that he was absolutely amazed that the mother had gone as long as she did in her pregnancy: thirty-four weeks. He said he had no hope she could go beyond twenty-two weeks, creating great risk for the babies’ health/survival!

We are all so grateful to Father Joseph’s intercession!!

E.B., Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Rain comes and the farm is saved

I have a small piece of farmland and last year I made a larger investment than normal. Because very little rain had fallen, I feared that the whole investment was endangered. For me this was quite important and I was worried.

Around that time someone gave me Fr. Joseph Muzquiz’s prayer card, and I prayed to him that, if it was God’s will, he intercede for me so that everything would turn out well. After a little while the weather changed completely and it began to rain and everything was alright.

I thank God for this and for the intercession of his servant Fr. Joseph Muzquiz.

M.R., Mérida, Spain

Help finishing my economic research

In the beginning of 2010, I was supposed to finish some economic research at my job. Unfortunately, someone in my family had some health problems and I had to reduce the number of work hours at my job to help him. In this new situation I would not finish the research by the deadline. So, through the intercession of Father Joseph Muzquiz, I requested the favor of helping me finish my research. A few days later the deadline was postponed two months, and I had enough time to finish it. Since then, I am requesting his intercession, mainly to do good work.

L.S., São Paulo, Brazil

Money for a Family Celebration

I am writing to inform you of a favor obtained thanks to Father José Luis Múzquiz. I am the head of a small business consulting firm. Eighteen months ago one of our clients failed to pay us a large sum of money owed to us. Part of my salary comes from this amount and thus I found myself “short on cash.” On June 6 my family celebrated my father’s 80th birthday. We were planning a big celebration, with many relatives attending. I offered to cover the cost of the event, and on June 3 I asked Father Joseph to help me obtain the required funds. On June 5, the day before the family celebration was to be held, there appeared in my bank account not only the amount that this client owed me but also more than double the amount I asked Father Joseph for, thanks to other outstanding accounts that were paid the same day. We were thus able to hold our family celebration with great joy, and without worrying about the expenses. My father had the time of his life! I want to express my thanks to Father Joseph. I've named him the “patron saint” of my business.

N.A., San Sebastián, Spain