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Slovak Violinist Will Be Ordained On 5 September

Andrej Matis is one of the 29 men who will be ordained priests of Opus Dei on Saturday 5 September in Rome. A Rome Reports video.

Priestly Society of the Holy Cross

An African Challenge

Many diocesan priests from around the world go to Rome to study at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. Kenyan priest Fr. Imo talks about his "Roman adventure" and his desire to learn how to better serve people back in Kenya.

Priestly Society of the Holy Cross

"Still some more little surprises"

Victoria López-Amo is the woman who has been in Opus Dei the longest. Last May she turned 100. A Guatemalan citizen of Spanish origin, Victoria loves life and still has a few things left to accomplish.

History of Opus Dei

Nathalie, Cooperator of Opus Dei

Nathalie lives in a rural district of Canada with her husband and eight children. When told by doctors that her youngest child would be born with a severe genetic disorder, she confronted the situation with great faith in God.

Cooperators of Opus Dei

Monsignor Mariano Fazio

Auxiliary Vicar of Opus Dei since 2019, Mariano Fazio was born in Buenos Aires on April 25, 1960. He has been rector of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross and was an invited expert at the Latin American Bishops Conference in Aparecida, Brazil, in 2007.

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Biography of Rev. Jorge Gisbert

Jorge Gisbert was born in Alcoy, Alicante (Spain) in 1969. He was ordained a priest in 2004. In 2019 he was named Central Vicar Secretary of Opus Dei.

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Biography of Rev. Antoni Pujals

Rev. Antoni Pujals i Ginebreda was born in Terrassa, Spain, in 1955. Ordained a priest in Rome in 1985, he is the Vicar General of the Prelature.

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Live-streaming: Priestly Ordinations on May 4th

Shortly before 10 am (Rome time) on Saturday, May 4th, the ordinations of 34 faithful of the Opus Dei prelature will be broadcast live on this website.

Priestly Society of the Holy Cross

History and Activities

A brief account of Opus Dei's history and activities in South Africa.

Opus Dei in this country

Safe Environment

Measures taken by Opus Dei in South Africa for the protection of minors and young people.

Opus Dei in this country