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Traffic, Floods and Prayer

Tracy Fernandes, an executive analyst in finance, works and lives in the crowded city of Mumbai. She lives with her parents and her brother and sister. Up and down, from home to the office and back … it is her daily life.

Opus Dei

Meditations: Holy Saturday

Reflections for Holy Saturday. The topics are: hope illuminates Holy Saturday; those who accompany Christ in his abandonment; Mary consoles and strengthens us in difficult moments.

Fostering Interior Life

Meditations: Good Friday

Reflections for Good Friday. The topics are: Jesus suffered the Passion out of love for us; accompanying Christ in his agony; in the Cross we find our refuge and our salvation.

Fostering Interior Life

Meditations: Holy Thursday

Reflections for Holy Thursday. The topics are: Jesus washes the apostles’ feet; God gives himself to us in the Eucharist; giving thanks for the Eucharist and for the priesthood.

Fostering Interior Life

Meditations: Wednesday of Holy Week

Reflections for Wednesday of Holy Week. The topics are: Judas was an apostle chosen by Jesus; divine mercy is greater than our weakness; a hope that leads us back to God.

Fostering Interior Life

Meditations: Tuesday of Holy Week

Reflections for Tuesday of Holy Week. The topics are: Saint Peter learned to be humble; lowering oneself to follow Christ; relying on God's strength.

Fostering Interior Life

Meditations: Monday of Holy Week

Reflections for Monday of Holy Week. The topics are: Mary of Bethany gives Jesus her most precious possession; our deeds can bring Christ's "good aroma" to the world; caring for Jesus in the Tabernacle.

Fostering Interior Life

Meditations: Palm Sunday

The first of the reflections for each day of Holy Week. The topics for Palm Sunday are: our Lord’s entrance into Jerusalem; the donkey: the one closest to Jesus; grasping how God reigns

Fostering Interior Life

Meditations: Saturday of the Fifth Week of Lent

Some reflections that can assist our prayer during these final days of Lent.

Fostering Interior Life

Interior Struggle (Palm Sunday)

A Palm Sunday homily given by St. Josemaría on 4 April 1971, published in "Christ is Passing By."

Pray with Saint Josemaría