New Region of East and Southern Africa

In his letter of 1st May 2021, the Prelate requested for prayers for the recently erected circumscription of the Prelature which includes the former regions of South and East Africa.

Photo by Igor Son on Unsplash

Following the recommendations of the last General Congress held in 2017, the Prelate of Opus Dei and his respective councils of men and women in Rome, has over the last year or so been studying the situation of the Prelature's circumscriptions, with a view to forming a plan to better spur forward and coordinate the apostolic undertakings. The aims of the study have been to facilitate greater agility and efficiency in the apostolic work as well as to allow for more personalised care for people and their personal apostolate.

To achieve this agility and efficiency, the Prelate and his councils have undertaken a partial territorial reorganisation with a view of reducing the number of organisational and governmental structures within some circumscriptions such as in instances where two specific countries were being directed by separate councils.

One such instance has been the case of the former regions of South and East Africa that in March were merged into the region of East and Southern Africa. The new region includes the countries of South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.

The vicar of this new region is Rev. Dr. Silvano Ochuodho who works from the regional headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. The former vicar of South Africa, Monsignor Anton Borras Cabaces continues to develop his pastoral work in South Africa.

The Prelate made the public announcement in his letter of 1st May 2021, and requests the aid of your prayers for the entire project.