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Guatemala City Dedicates an Avenue to Dr. Ernesto Cofiño

Dr. Ernesto Cofiño, pioneer of pediatrics in Guatemala, earned a place in the hearts of thousands of Guatemalans with his work for children and for the development of women and underprivileged families. Now he also has a well-deserved place in the urban fabric of Guatemala City.


Dr Ernesto Cofiño's Process of Beatification Continues in Rome

The second phase of the beatification process for the Servant of God Ernesto Cofiño has begun. He is regarded as the pioneer of pediatrics in Guatemala. The Congregation for the Causes of Saints will now examine the documentation.


"Los Americanos" Have Arrived

A group of ten high school students from the US spent their Christmas break this year serving the townspeople of Santa Caterina Palopo, Guatemala, where they say they received more than they gave.

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"Still some more little surprises"

Victoria López-Amo is the woman who has been in Opus Dei the longest. Last May she turned 100. A Guatemalan citizen of Spanish origin, Victoria loves life and still has a few things left to accomplish.

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"The people are so wonderful"

A group of high school boys from New York City spent their winter recess in Guatemala doing all they could to improve the lives of the people in a poor village high in the mountains.

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Ending hunger

Las Gravileas, a training center for women, has worked for sixteen years running intensive technical and business training programs for destitute women.

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