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Resources for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity begins on 18 January, culminating in the feast of the conversion of St. Paul on 25 January. Here are daily meditations and several other articles and stories related to the Octave for Christian Unity.

From the Church and the Pope

"That They May Be One": Prayer for Christian Unity

Meditations for each day of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, from 18 to 25 January, which ends on the feast of the conversion of Saint Paul.

Fostering Interior Life

"Let us seek ever greater fraternity and full unity"

From 2-6 December, Pope Francis is making an apostolic journey to Cyprus and Greece. With links to all of his addresses and homilies.

From the Church and the Pope

"Unity is a gift, it is a grace to be requested through prayer"

In his 20 January general audience, Pope Francis spoke about the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, and the need to beseech God humbly for this gift.

From the Church and the Pope

​"Ecumenism is about prayer and charity"

A 2007 conversation with theologian Jutta Burggraff, Professor of Theology and Ecumenism in the Faculty of Theology at the University of Navarre and author of various books on ecumenism. She passed away in 2009.


"We need your help to carry the Cross"

January 25 is the feast of the conversion of St. Paul. Gregory III, Patriarch of Antioch, has asked all the faithful to pray for peace in Syria and assistance for its refugees.

Recent News

Respecting the faith of others

January 18-25 is the octave for praying for Christian unity. In 1983, in Switzerland, Blessed Alvaro spoke about respecting the faith of others.


Saint Josemaria on Christian Unity

An extract from Saint Josemaria's homily “Loyalty to the Church,” published in the book “In Love with the Church.”

Recent News

Address at Ecumenical Prayer Service

At St. Joseph's Parish in New York, the Pope met with representatives from various Christian denominations for a brief ecumenical prayer service. He asked everyone present to pray for "the 'oneness of hope, oneness of faith, and oneness of love' that alone will convince the world that Jesus Christ is the one sent by the Father for the salvation of all."

Recent News

“The teaching of Josemaría Escrivá is inherently ecumenical”

Evgeni Pazukhin of St. Petersburg, Russia, is a philosopher and author. He has written the first biography of St. Josemaría Escrivá in Russian.

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