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Who Was Isidoro Zorzano?

A brief video summary of the life of Isidoro Zorzano, declared Venerable by Pope Francis on December 21, 2016.


Devotion to Isidoro in the Polish Railways

Antoni Idkowiak, a cooperator of Opus Dei who works for the Polish Railway Company, talks about his efforts to spread devotion to Isidoro Zorzano, recently declared Venerable by Pope Francis.


Interview with Postulator for Isidoro Zorzano

Msgr. Jose Luis Gutierrez Gomez, Postulator for Isidoro Zorzano's Cause of Canonization, answers some questions in view of the recent Decree of the Holy See confirming his heroic practice of the virtues.


Chronology of Isidoro Zorzano's Cause of Canonization

The following is a chronology of the principal steps in the cause of canonization of Isidoro Zorzano.


Isidoro Zorzano Declared Venerable

Yesterday afternoon the Holy Father Pope Francis authorized the Congregation for the Causes of Saints to promulgate decrees concerning 8 causes of canonization. Among these was a decree declaring the heroic virtues of Isidoro Zorzano (1902 – 1943), an engineer who joined Opus Dei in 1930.


Documentation for Isidoro Zorzano

Books and other documents related to Isidoro and his cause of canonization

Other resources

Unexpected groceries

"At one point we had no food on the table and the electricity was cut off, and we’ve had to use candles."


Paying for an operation

"I entrusted the matter to Isidoro Zorzano’s intercession with a lot of faith because his holy life edified me."


Two great jobs for my family

"My sister was out of work, so we asked Isidoro for help."


News about the Cause of Isidoro Zorzano

The informative process on Isidoro Zorzano took place in Madrid between 1948 and 1961. In total 71 witnesses testified, including St. Josemaría Escrivá.