With the help of Blessed Alvaro: favours small and big

As a token of gratitude, I would like to briefly relate some of the favours that have been granted to me through the intercession of Blessed Alvaro del Portillo in recent years.

In the first place, he interceded so that a friend could find a girl with whom he could marry in a short time, because at his age the sooner he found the right person the better. In a very short time, she appeared in a providential way, to the point that they were married in a little more than a year. They are very happy, and now they pray for their second child to arrive.


Also, a friend who went with his family to the beatification of Don Alvaro lost some jewels of considerable value, especially sentimental ones. They went missing and the owners reported the loss in December 2015 because they thought it had been a robbery since they were nowhere to be found. In the end, they were given up for lost. But after two years, in January 2018, without any explanation, they appeared at the home of a relative. He said that he had a closed bag in the safe, with the name of the wife, and that he did not know what it contained ... It turned out that inside were the lost jewels ... they had not been given to him, nor had he been asked to keep them. My friends still can't explain what happened. I attribute it to a favour from Don Alvaro.

On another occasion, I also asked Don Alvaro to help the job situation of two of my brothers: one kept his job with great difficulty, bearing with great integrity the difficulties he went through; and the other got a job at a particularly difficult time.

I am very grateful to Don Alvaro, and I continue to pray for his intercession: now I continue to ask him for other favours which are not easy at all.

F. H.

Picture: Văn Thắng - Pexels