Why is the Extraordinary General Congress being called?

Questions and answers about the Motu Proprio “Ad charisma tuendum" and the Extraordinary General Congress of Opus Dei.

It is being convened to comply with the provisions of article 3 of the motu proprio ‘Ad charisma tuendum’ (14-VII-2022). On 6 October, the Prelate announced the upcoming congress thus: “With the favorable opinion of the Central Advisory and the General Council, I will convene an Extraordinary General Congress with that precise and limited purpose, which will take place in the first half of 2023” (Letter, 6-X-2022).

In the same letter, he described the next steps and the type of changes expected: “In the Dicastery for the Clergy we have been advised not to limit ourselves to considering only what refers to the dependence of the Prelature on this Dicastery and the change from every five years to annual reporting to the Holy See on the Prelature’s activities. We should also propose other possible adjustments to the Statutes that seem appropriate in light of the motu proprio. We have also been advised to spend as much time as necessary without any hurry.”