A Reliquary of Blessed Guadalupe in the Prelatic Church

On Monday 13 July, a reliquary of Blessed Guadalupe Ortiz de Landázuri was installed in the oratory of the Dormition, in the prelatic church of Our Lady of Peace in Rome, where the sacred remains of the founder of Opus Dei rest.

Chapel of the Dormition.

On 22 December 1948, Blessed Guadalupe Ortiz de Landázuri wrote in a letter to Saint Josemaría Escrivá: "Every day I feel more united to the Work and to you." Over the years, the spiritual filiation Guadalupe felt towards the founder of Opus Dei was growing ever stronger.

Since 13 July, this union has been manifested with the installation of a relic ex ossibus of the Blessed, who was raised to the altars on 18 May 2019 in Madrid. It was installed in the prelatic church of Our Lady of Peace in Rome, where the sacred remains of the founder rest.

The reliquary, designed by Talleres de Arte Granda under the supervision of a Mexican woman working as an architect in Rome, has been placed in the chapel of Our Lady's Dormition, to the right of the altar and the sculpture of Holy Mary in Repose.

The reliquary is attached to a rectangular piece of travertine stone; a bronze medallion with an image of Guadalupe is found above it and her name is engraved below. The reliquary is gilded and has enamel figures on the four arrows in the shape of a cross. Every effort has been made to make it fit in well with the rest of the decoration in this small chapel.

Thus the first lay member of Opus Dei to be beatified now has a presence in the prelatic church, where the remains of Blessed Alvaro del Portillo, Bishop Javier Echevarría, and the Servant of God Dora del Hoyo also rest. From now on, all those who come to pray in this church can also go to the chapel to seek the intercession of the new Blessed.

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