"Science committed to the person"

Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin gave the homily at the Mass opening the academic year at the Rome Campus Bio-medico, "which has become a landmark for many families," he said.

Opus Dei - "Science committed to the person"

(From Vatican Radio):

Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin recalled the motto of ‘Campus Bio-medico’ during his homily on Wednesday, November 11, at the Mass marking the beginning of the university's academic year: “May science always be committed to the person” (‘La scienza sia sempre al servizio dell’uomo’).

“In the grand scheme of Roman universities,” he said, “yours is young, little more than twenty years old. But it has become a landmark for many families who send their children here to study, for young people who train here and for the many patients who find themselves so warmly welcomed. Professionalism aside, owing to the assimilation of the Medicine and Engineering faculties, this university is determined to focus on the human person. I therefore invite you to make the Campus Bio-medico in Rome a place where intimacy is developed and solidarity is furthered.”

Cardinal Parolin noted that the Campus Bio-medico is run by Opus Dei and is an “apostolic charity at heart, which teaches sanctity through work” and encourages its students to “seek sanctity in familial, professional and social duties, and to help others to become holy.” “If you abide by this ideal,” he concluded, “you will be a valuable asset to the Church and you will be a great example of hope to whomever you meet.”

Cardinal Parolin: "Science committed to the person" (at Vatican Radio)