Not What You Expected: Dora del Hoyo

A brief video about Dora del Hoyo, whose process of canonization was opened on June 18, 2012. The video focuses on the virtues required for Dora's work as a homemaker, which she sanctified by putting love into the small details.

A diverse group of young people are asked to identify a specific career based on a set of clues. The job requires planning and organizational skills, initiative, creativity, precision, as well as a capacity to make decisions responsibly and understand others. They say it must be a business manager, a doctor, an engineer, a professor, a politician... They are asked to guess a particular person based on details about their life. None of them can imagine that the person is a homemaker named Dora del Hoyo.

"Do everything for the sake of Love and you will see the result in the wonders that your work produces - rich, abundant fruit, the promise of eternity!" - Saint Josemaria Escriva.