Guadalupe, Official Intercessor of My Doctorate

The story of a number (58), a novena to Guadalupe, and the appointment as intercessor for a girl who does cancer research.

58. That's the number of times in the last year and a half that I have had to repeat a series of experiments related to cancer research.

No one ever said doing a doctorate was easy. But after going a long time without obtaining any clear results, patience – the mother of science – was starting to run thin. Thanks to a friend, I was offered the opportunity to do a stage of research using a new technology, in the hopes of obtaining clear results. I knew I would need a divine intercessor for this endeavor.

Many years earlier, a biography of Guadalupe Ortiz de Landázuri had fallen into my hands. The only thing I remember is liking her story and being surprised at how Guadalupe had dedicated herself to research and university teaching at a mature age.

Every day during this period, before entering the laboratory, I started by praying the novena to Guadalupe, asking her help for the experiments of the day. I did this every day until I had finished all the experiments.

I have no doubt that Guadalupe was helping me daily. Not only because I finally obtained consistent results, but also because, in reading the anecdotes about her that are included in the novena, I have been motivated to take my Christian life more seriously. This has inspired me to approach my research work as she did. So I have named her the official intercessor for my entire doctorate. I am very thankful. Thank you, God, and thank you, Guadalupe!

H.M., Spain

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