Favors of Guadalupe Related to Work

A new job, the possibility to work more hours, and a more stable job: these are some of the requests made to God through the intercession of Guadalupe Ortiz de Landázuri.

Opus Dei - Favors of Guadalupe Related to WorkPhoto: (CC) ILO in Asia and the Pacific — Flickr

Harmonizing Work Schedules

I work part time in a high school. At the end of the academic year, they told me they were not sure how many teaching hours I would have in the upcoming year, since they were waiting on student enrollment. That same day, when I arrived home, I began a novena to Guadalupe asking her that they give me 8 hours weekly. Within a few days, they confirmed my 8 weekly hours. I am very thankful for this favour, since I am also involved in a university residence and, with this number of teaching hours, I can dedicate the necessary time to both.

I. L., Montreal

Gratitude to Guadalupe

First of all, I would like to say hello and that I am writing on behalf of my mother. My mother wanted it to be recognized that my brother has a job thanks to the intercession of Guadalupe Ortiz.

My brother has a job thanks to the intercession of Guadalupe Ortiz

“I would like to give thanks to Guadalupe for her intercession in the job my son now has. It was difficult to obtain because there were many eligible candidates, but he got it; and coincidentally, it is in the field that Guadalupe studied and worked in all her life: chemistry. I am very thankful to her and for this reason I want to share it with the world so that everyone knows that yes, He listens to us if we pray and ask from our hearts with a true faith”.

M. V. G.

Favors Granted Me by the Servant of God, Guadalupe Ortiz de Landázuri

It all started with a prayer card to Guadalupe that my boss gave me, because I had told her I needed another job since the one I had was only half day. I began praying to Guadalupe and asking her to intercede for me before God our Lord. Soon after, I received a call offering me a new job.

It all started with a prayer card to Guadalupe that my boss gave me

In fact, it was two favors because I asked her for greater job stability, and thanks to her and God, it all turned out well.

So now I always go to her and I am honestly very thankful and blessed since everything has gone well, thanks to her intercession.

M. S.

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