Discover Opus Dei’s New Website

A website, like a house, sometimes needs a bit of remodeling. The present version of Opus Dei’s website began in 2014. Now we have launched a new version that is faster and more agile, and that adds many helpful features.

Opus Dei’s new website loads faster, consumes less battery power on smartphones, uses less data from your monthly phone rate, is more accessible from various devices, and is better organized content-wise.

Another notable improvement is that we have converted the website into a progressive web application, which enables you to put an icon for the site on your smartphone screen, to navigate through the site even if you don’t have an internet connection, and to do so at high speed.

The external appearance of the site hasn’t changed, except in small details with the aim of presenting the content better and making reading it on the screen easier, even for people with disabilities. For example, voice assistance can reproduce content correctly, texts have more contrast, those with difficulties in managing a mouse can navigate with the keyboard, etc.

Moreover, if you use a smartphone you will find that now there is only one button for sharing material with your contacts. And you can do so with the usual provider services, social networks, etc. You can also download an article in PDF, ePub or Kindle format. We have also tried to ensure that downloading an article in PDF format to mobile devices is particularly satisfactory.

What can you find on Opus Dei’s website?

Let’s begin with the homepage. You will find the content there organized in modules: news items, recent articles on Christian life, Message of the Day, recent eBooks… Here you can also subscribe to the Newsletter that we send weekly, with links to all the new content published that week. Thanks to the assistance of many volunteers, the website is now available in 35 languages, which are found in the dropdown bar on the top left of the homepage.

Five main sections

To help you find your way around the site, is divided into five major sections: About Opus Dei, The Prelate, News, Saint Josemaria, and Christian Life.

By clicking on these headings, you can get a idea of what is inside and find what is of most interest to you. The website has thousands of articles and it isn’t easy to know intuitively where to find them, so you can use the Search function on the top right. This is based on the Google search engine, and provides a powerful and quick way to find what you want.

In “About Opus Dei” you will find information about its main message, which is that all of us are called to strive for holiness in our daily life and work. You will also find here information about Opus Dei in your own country, and news about some of the faithful who have passed away with a reputation for holiness and whose causes of canonization have been opened. There are also sections on the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross and on the Cooperators of Opus Dei. The latter contains a module with “Classes of Christian Formation,” which have proven very popular.

The Prelate section has information about the current Prelate of Opus Dei and his letters, articles and interviews, as well as about the former Prelates. In the News section you can find articles about the Pope and the life of the Church, as well as various initiatives begun by people in Opus Dei and their friends directed towards improving society.

The part dedicated to Saint Josemaria has a somewhat different appearance, and is really a separate website. If you click on the headings at the top you will find a number of resources to get to know the founder better (videos, audios and written texts), novenas for his intercession, etc. You can also subscribe here to receive daily or weekly texts of Saint Josemaria which can help strengthen your dialogue with God.

A great catechesis

A section we have given a lot of attention to during recent years is the one dedicated to Christian life. If you click on the Christian Life heading, the first title in the dropdown menu is “Inspiration for Your Prayer.” Here you will find many articles that can help us draw closer to Christ and our Lady.

Saint Josemaria once described Opus Dei as a “great work of catechesis.” The second title under Christian Life is “Resources for Christian Formation,” which contains many articles and videos on key topics such as Faith, Work, Developing Your Personality, and Family and Children.

Those who want to deepen in their knowledge of Catholic doctrine can visit the "Summaries of Catholic Teaching," where you will find a clear summary of the Creed, the sacraments, the commandments and the Our Father, developed in 40 topics, along with a list of answers to some frequently asked questions about the faith.

Another resource found in the Christian Life section are the free eBooks that collect together articles on the same topic and catechetical series by the Popes. These have proved very popular and have been downloaded by many people.

Available to answer questions and receive suggestions

Finally, at the top of the website you can access a form where you can suggest improvements and raise any questions or doubts you may have. You can also follow us on various social media and audio, photograph and video platforms.

We hope you will feel at home on our website.

Photo by Benjamin Dada on Unsplash