Corona: Use it, Don't Lose it

A podcast about how to make the most of the unique situation brought about by the coronavirus outbreak. Hear from young people who share their strategies and experiences.

Opus Dei - Corona: Use it, Don't Lose it

It's easy to focus on the downside of the massive societal disruption caused by the spread of COVID-19. But there's an upside to all this. As Marie Oates, host of the new Corona podcast puts it, "We may never experience a time in our lives like this again. These events offer unique opportunities for growth."

Hear stories directly from young people, find out what they're experiencing during this exceptional time, and how they’re managing to turn it all around.

Episode 5: A New Kind of March Madness

MEDFIELD: John, a sophomore at Catholic Memorial High School, shares how he has adjusted to life with no high school, baseball, or any other extra-curricular activities.

Episode 4: Sisters Start "Insta-Baking" Blog

DETROIT: Monica and her younger sister, Rosie, show how the family that bakes together, stays together and finds happiness. They explain how baking can be lots of fun, a way to get your mind re-focused, and an easy way to give joy to others in the process. Follow them on Instagram at @cook_vid19.

Episode 3: Stay Positive and Motivated

SOUTH BEND: Kate, a senior at Notre Dame University, explains how she stays positive and motivated in the unexpected circumstances she now finds herself in, i.e., away from college and back on the West coast with her family.

Episode 2: Go on a Virtual Coffee Date

WASH, D.C.: Elizabeth, a junior at Catholic University, talks about adapting to her new lifestyle away from classrooms and clubs.

Episode 1: Deep Reading, Focus, and Friends

BOSTON: Alice, a postdoc at MIT, shares how she is finding silver linings during the unfolding coronavirus crisis.

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