"Bringing God into my daily life"

Alessandra is an economics major at the University of La Sapienza (Rome). She talks about how she tries each day to remember that God is accompanying her at every moment. 4th video in the series "What faith means when you're 20."

What Faith Means When You're 20

For me, living my faith means keeping God present each day, in my ordinary life.

God accompanies me every day. He's with me at the university, when I'm with my family, or with my friends, and when I go out with my boyfriend.

God for me isn't a distant reality. I ask him for help; I try to speak with him at specific times throughout the day. We get together for a few minutes and I tell him my worries and my dreams, or I speak about the people I love and who may be having a tough time; or I speak about my friends and ask him to help them. And while I'm studying I ask him to look after those in my family, or the friends I'm with.

I also try to see God in the people I'm with. I know that he is behind the smile and the eyes of each person I meet that day. Faith, then, is bringing God into my life, so that he can accompany me each day, and not be excluded from from my normal life.

So, for me faith is something beautiful, that makes me very happy.

“Jesus is your friend. The Friend. With a human heart, like yours. With loving eyes that wept for Lazarus. And he loves you as much as he loved Lazarus."

Saint Josemaría, The Way, 422.