In Poland: An Inspiring Course for Women

At the end of September 2020, amid the ongoing pandemic, a three-day course for women entitled "Women’s Identity and Mission" took place at the Dworek Conference Center near Warsaw, Poland.

Opus Dei - In Poland: An Inspiring Course for Women

(Photos in this article are from last year's course)

Once again, women from all over Poland came to this beautiful site, located 50 kms from Warsaw, to be inspired by topics of special interest to them.

This year the focus was on the “identity and mission” of women today. Topics dealt with in the lectures and workshops included: What is the “genius” of a woman? What is her role in the world and in the family? How can women care for relationships in the family, and for their own spiritual life and needs? The lectures were given by women who are working professionally and who also place great value on the role of the family in their own lives. The talks were very lively and at the same time practical, and also contained a deeper anthropological perspective.

“Regardless of my age and experience, I think you need to ask yourself these key questions: Who am I? What is my mission in the world?” said Magda, who was attending the course for the third year in a row.

Joanna, who runs a private company with her husband, saw the need to focus on what is most important in her life, namely her relationship with loved ones, employees, and God.

Aneta found a talk on relationships within marriage especially helpful. She saw more clearly the need to have greater concern for small gestures and expressions of love and kindness in her daily life. Another woman who attended the same talk made the resolution to smile more frequently for her loved ones.

Ania, recently married, especially appreciated the talk on organizing her use of time. She wants to set the proper priorities right from the beginning of her married life. She learned that it is not worth worrying about what she can’t control, but to do what is in her hands and move forward.

Martyna, who works caring for her home every day, emphasized how important it is to build a home filled with warmth and love.

The talk on “Taking care of yourself in order to have the strength to take care of others,” helped many of them appreciate why it is so important to look after your own rest and physical condition. After this talk, one of the ladies stated that her husband and children would also benefit from her participation in the course, because she now knew how to take better care of herself so as to be able to take better care of them.

Participants appreciated that during the pandemic, while following all the precautions, they could spend time together, and not simply meet online. Actually, what matters in this type of course is not only listening to lectures, but also holding personal conversations, sharing your thoughts and experiences with others. Important too is the family atmosphere created, full of openness and interest in the other persons there. During the course there was also time for spiritual reflection and deepening one’s relationship with God.

Participants left with many new ideas and renewed energy, with the desire to make larger or smaller changes in their daily professional and family lives. Further courses for women are being planned, for which we have already begun inviting people.


For those who understand Polish, the short video below offers more information about the courses: